Developing CDVDBurn 3 – Finally…Success!

Sometimes, success comes to those who wait.

Sometimes, it helps to pick up a lost cause from 2005.

Sometimes, it helps to re-read the documentation aka “The MMC Standard”. Yes, all six variants.

Sometimes, it helps to think about a problem for more than 15 years.

Sometimes, it helps to come back to develop in programming language A after spending fifteen years almost exclusively developing in programming language B.

Sometimes, it helps to start early in the morning and do one of those classic hardcore coding session until late at night (i.e. until ten minutes ago).

Sometimes, it helps to pre-think possible variants of command sequences with endless combinations, externally configurable of course, just to find out that the very first combination you test works.

Sometimes, it helps to just throw out the old stuff and start from scratch.

I won’t disclose further details – the end result is that I have, for the first time ever, successfully written both DVD-RW and DVD-R media with CDVDBurn. Ironically, it happened on a Blu-Ray writer. You might remember that DVD-RW already worked before, but that was sheer luck and was possible only on very few drives. I am now confident that the new writing routine will work with most drives. The next few days will tell.

Current state of play (unfortunately not for all drives yet, but for many of them):

  • Audio CD: check.
  • Data CD: check.
  • Data DVD-R: check.
  • Data DVD-RW: check.
  • Data DVD+R: check.
  • Data DVD+RW: check.
  • Data DVD-RAM: check.