CDVDBurn 3 now available – order now!

I finally decided that the current state of development of CDVDBurn 3 is “good enough” for the first release. The hubersn Software website has been updated accordingly, you can look at the new CDVDBurn 3 product page, or alternatively the press release.

It is always difficult to decide when such a state is reached. The very nature of software is that it is never perfect. You can always improve the UI/UX further. You can always improve the documentation. And the website. And add yet more drives to the compatibility list. And test some more drive/OS/machine combination. And optimize the performance further. Anyone who tells you that a piece of software is “perfect” is probably lying.

Now that the release is out of the way, I will continue to improve CDVDBurn 3, and provide free upgrades to users for the foreseeable future.

Things that are not really in a state where I’d like them to be include the new manual (long-time users might remember that CDVDBurn never had a “proper” manual, it came with the CDBurn manual and a DVD addendum). The Upgrader application that will be needed to provide the downloadable upgrades is not ready yet. And I am currently analysing why the Samsung SH-224 drive (widely used in ARMX6 and Titanium systems) will not write Audio CDs, ending with a “SCSI Timeout” error. This was a finding of two of my beta testers, so I bought a drive off eBay (they are no longer available as new) and received it today.

At least, I have already written some text for support pages for CDVDBurn 3 users: the ever-important list of currently supported writers, and the start of the hopefully ever-improving FAQ.