A tiny little update coming soon

Long time no post….so I’ll sum up recent and not-so-recent development.

Long story short: there will soon be a small update to CDVDBurn 3 (free for existing CDVDBurn 3 customers), along with the necessary Upgrader application.

It came to my attention that there were specially formatted DVD-RWs (e.g. previously used in Video DVD recorders) that CDVDBurn refused to blank. This is now fixed, and blanking works for all states of media.

There is a shortcoming – not exactly a bug, since it was never an implemented behaviour – when using the Disc Extractor if the format on the CD/DVD/BD is not plain old ISO9660/Joliet, but one of the UDF incarnations. In this case, a rather nasty and unhelpful error message was shown. The new version will properly detect (hopefully all variants of) UDF formats and inform the user that this format can not (yet!) be extracted.

In trying to get certain Samsung DVD writers to successfully write Audio CDs, I added a lot more parameters for specific media in the softloadable driver config. The extended doc will be published along with the new version. A set of default driver configs will be delivered with the update, if you are one of the very few who crafted your own driver config, these need to be amended slightly.

Unfortunately, those problematic Samsung DVD writers will still refuse to properly write Audio CDs (both the old and the new hardware revisions of the SH-224), so it was not the most successful code change in CD(VD)Burn history 🙁