CDVDBurn 3 – The Plan

I am currently working on a major update for CDVDBurn, which I cunningly named “CDVDBurn 3” – the original CDBurn was “1”, its successor CDVDBurn was “2”, and so the new version is now “3”.

Version numbering issues aside, here are the important points.

CDVDBurn 3 will run on all modern RISC OS 5 platforms, from the Raspberry Pi (all models!) to the ARMX6 and the Titanium. This means compatibility up to and including ARMv8 (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4). While support for USB-connected drives was the focus of development and testing – mainly because all new platforms have USB capabilities – there is also preliminary support for S-ATA on Titanium.

CDVDBurn 3 supports many modern drives, compatibility got a lot better than with previous versions. Writing Audio CDs in Disc-at-once mode is now also much more compatible than ever before. Additionally to the well-known CD and DVD features, CDVDBurn 3 adds support for BD-R and BD-RE media, currently allowing for 25 GiB on one disc. Hopefully, the even larger media like BD-R DL and BD-R XL will also get supported soon.

An interesting new feature is the “Disc Extractor” which provides users with a CDFS alternative to access ISO9660-formatted CDs, DVDs and BDs. Joliet extensions as well as Rockridge Naming Extensions are also supported. ISO images can be read directly, even the “large” CDVDBurn image format. So if CDFS and its drivers does not like your drive, there’s now a new hope!

CDVDBurn 3 will be a chargeable upgrade, the price is currently intended to be 25 UKP for an upgrade from the old CDVDBurn. New licences for the full version will be available for around 50 UKP, a significant reduction on the last CDVDBurn price of 65 UKP.

Hopefully, CDVDBurn 3 will be available soon. Soon as in “a few weeks”, not in “a few years”.